Can the Supreme Court’s Marriage Decision Help the World’s Most Homophobic Country?

Blackmail, prejudice and persecution: gay rights in Nigeria Dorm days are over? Some parents buy condos, houses for students A gay man in Bariga, a neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, who said he hides violence, arbitrary detention, violations of due process rights, and extortion. existing prejudices towards members of the LGBT community, and rape, assault, arbitrary imprisonment and other forms of persecution and. Nigeria gay activists speak out : Nigerian gay rights activists have told the country's bisexual still facing return to country where she says she was persecuted . . New law and old prejudices threaten Nigeria's gay community : In the . Extortion and Blackmail of Nigerian Lesbians and Bisexual Women.

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Homosexuality, war and religion in Nigeria

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If You Discover Your Child Is Homosexual , What Will You Do ? Nigerian's React - Streetpinions


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