Don't fret over FilmStruck's demise

Criterion ditching Hulu for Filmstruck, yet another streaming service How Kristen Stewart Wound Up With Neon Red Hair at the Met Gala 2019 Streaming video is a boon to movie history, not a threat. That's less than a subscription to FilmStruck's $11 per month Criterion Collection plan. His main argument is that subscription services like Netflix and Hulu aren't so Bundling with HBO shows, newer movies, and other Turner content will expose. Richard Brody on the new streaming site FilmStruck, for cinephiles, which will feature films from the Criterion Collection and other distributors. Criterion has left Hulu and migrated its collection to the new site FilmStruck, which offers . bearing movies that haven't yet been released on digital media (at the.

Filmstruck shutting down

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Wow!!!! Criterion Collection Streaming Service News (Nov. 17, 2018)

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