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‘Death Note’ Review: Adam Wingard’s Netflix Adaptation Is a Whitewashed Waste of Time These celeb couples made long-distance relationships work When Death Note premiered in , the anime adaption of the remains one of the most exhilarating and enticing animes of all time, Fighting against these claims, director Adam Wingard and the studio Despite what the filmmakers claim, Death Note is an americanised, whitewashed adaptation. In the headline of their review yesterday, IndieWire proclaimed, “Adam Wingard's Netflix Adaptation Is a Whitewashed Waste of Time.” Slashfilm.

Death note anime

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Death Note - The inspiration behind Director Adam Wingard's twisted adaptation

Death note anime

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Death note anime review

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DEATH NOTE Trailer 2 (2017)

Death Note - Adam Wingard, Masi Oka, and Roy Lee Interview - Comic-Con 2017

Death note anime review

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