‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ & ‘Man Seeking Woman’ Get Return Dates On FXX

Whats on TV: Always Sunny, Man Seeking Woman Leaving Saturday.....spray water bottles? - Orlando Forum Not only does Always Sunny have an premiere date ahead, but so too does Season 3 of Jay Baruchel's Man Seeking Woman have its. Here's what's up in the world of TV for Wednesday,. All times It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia/Man Seeking Woman .

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Brett Gelman at the FXX Premiere for It's Aways Sunny & #ManSeekingWoman #SunnyFXX

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Danny DeVito at the FXX Premiere for It's Aways Sunny & #ManSeekingWoman #SunnyFXX

Amanda Peet FXX's "Always Sunny" and "Man Seeking Woman" Season Premieres Red Carpet

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