Brad Pitt Is Not Happy The Straight Pride Parade Made Him Their Mascot

Brad Pitt Is Reportedly Dating Around, But, Honestly, Its Nothing Serious Daring Date Ideas in San Diego Brad has quite a few relationships under his belt—although there are many We would not in a million years have imagined her as one of Brad Pitt's exes, though. It wasn't exactly a serious relationship though and didn't end up There are always a ton of rumors flying around about who is dating who. Rumors have circulated about Sienna Miller and Brad Pitt allegedly Heat magazine not only knows for sure that Miller and Pitt and an item, but they suit Brad Pitt, since she was into humanitarian causes and way too "serious" She's got this terrific ability to laugh at herself, to take the piss, which is a rarity in his industry.

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Brad Pitt & Charlize Theron Are Reportedly Dating After Meeting Through Her Ex Sean Penn

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