Behind Craig Melvin’s move to step down from Saturday ‘Today’

Behind Craig Melvin’s move to step down from Saturday ‘Today’ Lansing: No Tears Mattress…a Free Rat…and Three Pianos

Melvin is stepping down from his gig as co-anchor of Saturday Today, he announced on-air this morning. “For the better part of the past year. Insiders are speculating that Craig Melvin could be headed for a big promotion at Days after he stepped down as the Saturday anchor for "Today," insiders are .. Former 'Fox & Friends' host Abby Huntsman gets fan blowback for moving to ' The View' The Beautiful Faces Behind These Ugly Characters.

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Craig Melvin And Wife Lindsay Talk Super Bowl Predictions, Have Sledding Fun! - TODAY

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MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin 6/26/19 - MSNBC BREAKING News Today June 26, 2019

Today Show Anchor Craig Melvin’s Connecticut Family Home is Full of “Laughter” and “Mayhem”

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