Lens Love #1 – Pentacon 50mm M42

Chinon 55mm m42 green coating Samsung private mode encryption
Review and test footage of Auto Chinon 55mm F lens. The one I've tested is a Multi-Coasted version with greenish coasting tint which The M42 mount means that it's very easily adaptable to just about any camera. Chinon M42 lens test results. Chinon 55mm F A lot has . Just like the non coated version, a well built all metal lens with precise and smooth operation.

Auto chinon 55mm f1.7 radioactive

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Intro to Using M42 Manual Lenses on Your DSLR

Chinon 55mm f1.7 review

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Detail View: Auto Chinon 55mm f1.7 M42 Screw Mount Lens

Auto chinon 55mm f1.7 review

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