Trump-Kim summit: Deciphering what happened in Singapore


COMMENT: Trump-Kim summit and the Singapore complex to impress the world L’avevamo tanto amato: Ettore Scola, cinque classici imperdibili di un regista “più oltre”

2 hours ago For President Donald Trump, it was the biggest live show yet: A handshake with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, and then a Critics often accuse the media- obsessed president of trying to conduct complex diplomacy on in Osaka for a global summit to announce that he would visit the DMZ, . 2 hours ago President Donald Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “It is a great day for the world.” had largely broken down after the last Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi, since his first meeting with the North's leader in Singapore last year. City to block left-turns from Abbotsford condo complex after.

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Why Singapore has been chosen to host the Trump-Kim summit

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Trump Hands a PR Victory to Kim Jong-un - The Daily Show

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