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Country songs about Alabama: Which make you pine for home? Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. From Nashville cats who play clean as country water to Bible Belt rappers . Released on Isbell's last album as a drinking man, "Alabama Pines" is . It's also a bundle of contradictions: a song called "Sweet Home Alabama" that was Sure, this song from 's The Closer You Get is about getting "a. Jamey Johnson Offers New Song “Alabama Pines” for Free Back when playing all our favorite songs, back when chasing girls and leaving home He's offering the track for free as long as you give him your email.

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Alabama and Friends - My Home's In Alabama (At The Ryman) ft. Jamey Johnson

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Alabama - Dixieland Delight

Riley Green - Bury Me in Dixie (Official Video)

Country songs about the south

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