Genie Bouchard's Super Bowl Bet Date to Become Movie

Tennis star Genie Bouchard loses Super Bowl bet, has to take fan on date SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Friend download for android Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard has taken one of her fans on a date to an NBA match after losing a Super Bowl bet on Twitter, per Callum Davis for the Telegraph. Goehrke tweeted the Canadian, "if patriots win we go on a date?" after Bouchard had asserted her confidence in. Eugenie Bouchard sit with Super Bowl bet winner John Goehrke at a Twitter date with a fan who won a Super Bowl bet with the Canadian tennis star could even attending the next Super Bowl together, when the Patriots lost to the .. This clearly explains why people have stopped going to the movies.

Genie bouchard super bowl date

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GENIE BOUCHARD AGREES TO 2ND DATE with Super Bowl Bet Guy - TMZ Sports

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Eugenie bouchard engaged

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Eugenie Bouchard loses Super Bowl bet, brings date to Nets game

Genie Bouchard Kisses Her 'French Lover' In Turks & Caicos - Uncovered - Sports Illustrated

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