This Is What Andromeda Would Look Like At Night If It Were Brighter

This Is What Andromeda Would Look Like At Night If It Were Brighter How to Install Tiles on a Kitchen Countertop How the Andromeda Galaxy would look from Earth if it was brighter. . Well if you looked at the night sky on a regular basis you probably wouldn't .. At any point in time, would the Andromeda galaxy be visible like this from earth's surface?. Yes, That Picture of the Moon and the Andromeda Galaxy Is About Right Andromeda galaxy would actually look in our sky if it were brighter. Like the Milky Way, Andromeda has vast spiral arms that extend well out from the core. By 8 at night it's about 60 degrees directly above the western horizon.

Andromeda galaxy

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Betelgeuse: The impending Supernova you need to know about

What does andromeda look like in the night sky

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How to Find Andromeda in the Night Sky

What will andromeda look like

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