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20 Million Views Later, How Poo~Pourri Made a Splash on Social Media Today Show Star Hoda Kotb Hinted That Her Daughter Might Be Getting a Sibling Poo~Pourri, a company that sells odor-eliminating toilet sprays, refused to fall into this trap. Poo~Pourri has successfully made a bathroom product interesting for eight years. Batiz identified her main buyers as women and then went to her Keep Your Conversation Broad: Social Mediaketing. Poo-Pourri is bringing is signature brand of bathroom humor to the national stage . spray is launching its first national TV campaign on networks E! and Bravo her bowel movements in great detail—resulted in 10 million views in two weeks. Since then, the brand has released a number of other humorous.

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“Dear @PooPourri, You Are The Fragrance To My Feces. I Love You.”

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