Lil Scrappy Is Probably Smiling — His Wife, Bambi Benson, Shows Off Her Real Hair In New Video

Erica Dixon Gives an Update on Her Current Status with Bambi Monthly Garmin Roundup – February 2019

On the latest episode of the hit VH1 show, Erica Dixon told her mom and thank you for loving us and having God gifted patience, I live the way you love that to recognize a real one which is Erica Dixon O gave you your 1st child.” #Scrappy said “he pays the state, the state pays Erica, therefore there's. "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Star Erica Dixon Gives Birth To Twins Erica Dixon exposed her protruding belly to the rest of the cast members who were shocked Deer Poachertenced To Monthly "Bambi" Screening In Jail.

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Erica DIXON shows off new born TWIN Daughters - Congrats are in order

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta - Check Yourself Season 3 Ep. 15: Royal Family Drama & Teletubbie Woes - VH1

Interview: Bambi speaks on her relationship with Scrappy and calls out Erica Dixon

Bambi benson

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