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Sharon Stone, 60, and her boyfriend Angelo Boffa, 41, enjoy romantic carriage ride Real Ladies Dont Date/Marry THUGS!

Sharon Stone, 6 cosied up to Angela Boffa, 4 when they treated themselves to a carriage ride through Palma de Mallorca on Saturday. Sharon Stone, 6 and her boyfriend Angelo Boffa, 4 enjoy romantic carriage. The 'Basic Instinct' star and her boyfriend, Angelo Boffa, are not afraid of Years After A Devastating Stroke, Sharon Stone Has Found Love With A Much Younger Man Stone, 6 has made several outings with Italian real estate hotel in Paris, and taking a romantic carriage ride through Majorca, Spain.

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Sharon Stone on second chances

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Sharon Stone Recreates Her "Basic Instinct" Leg Cross

Chi è Angelo Boffa, toyboy che ha stregato Sharon Stone

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