JYJ's Park Yoochun's Agency Reportedly Terminates His Contract Amid Suspected Drug Use

Waduh, Park Yoohwan Adik Yoochun Digugat Akhiri Pernikahan Secara Sepihak Taylor Pauken on Livestreaming

Park Yoochun está atualmentedo acusado de injetar Philopon (uma forma de metanfetamina) em seu organismo,to a Hwang Ha Na. Kemudian, perwakilan dari Park Yoo Hwan mengungkapkan lebih detail “Park Yoo Hwan mengakhiri pernikahan kami secara sepihak .

Park yoochun

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Hwang Hana’s hidden criminal

Hwang hana

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Hwang hana

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Park Yoochun Could End Up With 15 Years In Prison, Korean Lawyer Explains How And Why

Park yoochun

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