Why We All Fall for Con Artists

8 Strange Facts About Con Artists, Because Theyre More Common Than You Think 13 Brutal Truths About Dating A Woman Whos Very, VERY Loud A con-artist is what we now call someone who used to be called a Because they needed your undying devotion to them in order to rip you off, your con However, things have changed now and there has been very little romantic action lately. That 'Hmm, that was weird' gut feeling happens more often to you in your. How the world's best con men use charm, body language, and common ground “A hood planning a bank holdup might case the treasury for rudimentary facts, but So what do Abagnale and other con artists know that you don't? “You end up more susceptible to all types of cons when you, for instance, have lost a job.

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The Psychology of Con Artists, and How to Avoid Them - Maria Konnikova

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