Who is Sports Reporter Charissa Thompson’s New Boyfriend?

Is Hot Charissa Thompson Still Dating Jay Williams? She Was Once A Married Woman LOOK: Narnia cast reunites over dinner

Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson, Hannah Storm, Lesley Visser andy Carillo dish on Female Sports Reporters Fox Sports, Sports Women, Sports News, Female . She is an actress and professional dancer and starred in Step Up sports reporter was onceried, dated former basketball player Jay williams and. She is now dating with basketball player Jay Williams. Charissa Thompson is a strong confident TV speaker of extra in NBC. Charissa is open with her relationship and we all know that she was onceried. was reported that the hot couple was broken up on the last fall and are still good friends.

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Charissa Thompson's Braids Got Some Ppl In Their Feelings

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What Women Need: Love & Dating Advice from Jason Derulo, Nick Viall, and Adam Ray

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