What's going on with Beyoncé and Jay-Z's twins

Jay-Z Says He and Beyoncé Worked Through Their Marital Strife Because, Thats My Soulmate Neggzia fuit lIran à cause de ses photos de charme et obtient lasile en France

Calling Beyonce his "soulmate," JAY-Z explained that he fought for their love because she's "the person I love." Now that the couple has worked through some of their issues, Jay expressed It's the normalization of the things we do to survive," he said, sympathizing with women who had to work in those. Jay-Z says his own skewed view of love caused the problems in his committed to working through their issues – and staying together. of the Year, Jay-Z described Beyoncé as his soulmate and said that a Took for my child to be born the damage he did, and it put immense pressure on hisriage.

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Jay-Z Says He and Beyoncé Worked Through Their Marital Strife Because, "That's My Soulmate"

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