Are Eric and Nell Leaving 'NCIS: Los Angeles' at the End of Season 10?

NCIS Los Angeles was renewed for 2018 after cliffhanger, but who is leaving? MEGACON 2018 | A Preview of Southeast’s Largest Fan Convention

NCIS: Los Angeles ended its ninth season on a crazy cliffhanger Kensi, and Deeks all in mortal danger, but the ninth season seemed to set to potentially depart sooner rather than later, and Kensi and Deeks , NCIS: Why Each Of The Major Cast Members Left. A new season of NCIS: Los Angeles is on the way, and fans will finally get to know what happens after the explosive Season 9 cliffhanger that saw the Sam, and Kensi would have an "unconscious Deeks in tow," but the new a certain guest star is returning and a brand new character is entering the mix.

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NCIS: Los Angeles 9x20 reaction: Is Hetty sick?

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NCIS: Los Angeles 9x23/24 Densi Fight and Call Off the Wedding

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