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Pageant juror claimed Priyanka Chopra was ‘too dark’ to be crowned Miss India वैवाहिक परिचय सभा: दहेज मुक्त मिथिला आ मैथिली जिन्दाबाद केर संयुक्त अभियान Priyanka Chopra was not the obvious choice for the Miss India title 18 years ago as one of the jury members felt her complexion was 'too dark'. Then 1 Priyanka took part in the beauty contest from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh and emerged as the Priyanka Chopra during Miss World crowning moment. Juror Claimed Priyanka Was Too Dark To Be Crowned Miss India actress Priyanka Chopra was not the clear choice for the Miss India title in as Then 1 Priyanka participated in the beauty contest from Bareilly, Uttar.

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