Ashley Tisdale Goes Back to Blonde

Ashley Tisdale Debuts Her Makeup Line on Instagram - Can You Guess Whats Inside? New girl cece wedding dress

Vanessa took to Instagram Stories last night to debut her latest beauty look, " When you use @ashleytisdale s lip gloss as eye shadow," she but rather, a product from the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale line. Bonus points if you can somehow work in a shoutout to your beauty BFF. See what else is new. Ashley Tisdale Joins New CBS Comedy Series 'Carol's Second Act' In Recasting 'Suite Life' Co-Stars Ashley Tisdale & Phill Lewis Reunite on Instagram! Ashley Tisdale and . Ashley Tisdale Named An Eyeshadow Color After Her BFF. Ashley Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel Reveal 'What I've Been Looking For' Remix.

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I just felt like doing my makeup! *nothing new lol*