Calling Congress Is Easier Than You Think — Here's How To Do It

Calling Congress Is Easier Than You Think — Heres How To Do It Everything You Need To Know About The #FreeBritney Movement If you haven't made a call to your Congressperson orator yet, it's time you It's easy to make your call if you know exactly what to say. Here are a few mini- scripts you can use right now to make calls on CARE's behalf. The anonymity of the internet makes it a quick and easy way to expresstiments, and you can often go back and Congress is receiving more calls than ever. Here are 10 tips for calling Congress, to ensure your message is heard. They do get seen, but not as immediately as talking to someone on.

How to email congress and make it count

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Jon Stewart Won't Let Mitch McConnell Off That Easy

House of representatives

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What can representatives help you with

Calling Congress from Candyland (Protect SNAP benefits)

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