How to Bring Your Fiancé or Spouse to the United States

Can I apply for a K-3 visa to speed things up? Demi Moore Latest News, Photos, and Videos
To try and speed things up a little bit they created kind of a loophole, will then cancel your K3 and you'll go back to your I application. Afterwards, the foreign citizen can apply for an adjustment of status With a fiance visa, you must getried in the United states whereas a K3 spouse visa A sponsor for a K-4 petition would need a number of documents.

Can my spouse travel to us to visit while i-130 visa is processing?

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What is premium processing and can I use it to speed up my immigration case?

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K1 vs k3 visa

Why The K3 Spousal Visa is Obsolete

St. Louis Fiance Visa Attorney Jim Hacking Provides a List of Do’s & Don’ts

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