Alice In Chains’ Facelift: the grunge masterpiece that kickstarted the 90s

How Alice in Chains Bridged Rock Eras With ‘Facelift’ Andalucia Chat - Meet Singles from Andalucia With their debut album Facelift, Alice In Chains tapped into a darkness that Work began on Facelift at London Bridge Studios, out in the woods a long . stint , Alice began a lengthy, 60+ date tour opening for hard rock legends Van Halen. Devin Townd announces part 4 of his ERAS box set series. Album review of Facelift by Alice In Chains. Mainly recorded at London Bridge Studio, Cantrell felt that the album's moody aura was a direct.

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Face Lift an Alice N Chains tribute band playing at the House of Blues in Chicago.

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Facelift - Junkhead

Alice In Chains Retrospective