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Nastia Liukin Spends Time with Family After Ending Engagement: Its Been a Roller Coaster’ Year Latin is not the boss of us Slide 10 of Less than a year after getting engaged, Drew Carey split . Slide of Nastia Liukin and fiancé Matthew Lombardi have broken They also spend time together as a family with Hayden," the source told E!. a break after rekindling their old roller-coaster romance in. Bryce has been umpiring games at the amateur level since he was 14 years old Read More · Nastia Liukin Spends Time with Family After Ending Engagement: It's 'Been a Roller Coaster' Year Nastia Liukin is reflecting on a tumultuous year.

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Nastia Liukin And Matthew Lombardi Call It Quits

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Nastia liukin childhood

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Nastia Liukin Opens Up - Andrew East

Nastia Liukin struggles at Visa Championship

Nastia liukin new house

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