Park Hae Jin and Nana Are Romantic Among Wildflowers For “Four Sons”

Park Hae Jin And Nana Kiss In A Field In Newly Released “Four Sons” Stills 1 PK Starbucks Verismo Tesco Podpronto K-fee CAFFE Latte Capsules 16 Coffee Pods “Four Sons” is a mystery thriller about a man who gets swept up in a conspiracy as he In the released photos, Park Hae Jin and Nana have a romantic time in a field of beautifully blooming flowers. They hold hands and dance, as well as embrace and kiss, making them look like the bride and groom of a. If ever a K-drama should just cut it losses I would suggest upcoming intended to date with reports that male lead Park Hae Jin has simply stopped showing Later on the troubles increased when female lead Nana quit but was .. Teaser and Script Reading Stills for SBS Drama Dor John with Ji Sung.

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Nana up to romance Park Hae-jin in Four Men

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[Upcoming Drama] Nana Becomes the Female Lead Character Collaborating With Park Hae Jin in Four Men