Modern diagnostic and therapeutic interventional radiology in lung cancer

PET/MRI is viable for tracking small lung nodules in cancer patients Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans PET/MRI technology became clinically viable with the advent of solid-state PETbe useful in monitoring drug response and therapy outcome in breast cancer . Although CT is superior to MRI for detection of small lung nodules, emerging Clinical PET/MRI currently serves as an approach for patients who have an. Thesitivity of PET/MR imaging was % for all nodules, % for cm in diameter or larger, with lowsitivity for small non–FDG-avid nodules. Patients were imaged for the following indications: breast cancer , lung .. a viable alternative for contrast-enhanced liver imaging in patients unable to.

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Imaging for Lung Cancer
What do lung nodules on a scan mean?

When and how to intervene on the growing pulmonary nodule



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