Documents List Items Seized After Fatal Apartment Shooting

Search Warrant Details What Investigators Seized From Botham Jean’s Apartment HTC Desire 820 dual sim Specs, review, opinions, comparisons Sep 1 What police seized from Botham Jean's apartment after fatal shooting A source with knowledge of the investigation told WFAA that theijuana The search warrant was written by a Dallas police detective several hours after the of the latest search warrant details shortly after Jean's funeral Thursday. Sep 2 New Search Warrants Issued in Botham Jean Death Investigation . Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, left, was arrested and charged with of Botham Jean, the Dallas man shot and killed in his own apartment by Dallas.

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Next Generation Action Network hold press conference on Botham Jean

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Dallas police investigate officer shooting in wrong apartment

"Let me in": Witnesses dispute cop account of Botham Jean shooting, attorney says

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