The Most Ridiculous Seat Swap Request I’ve Received… Ever

The Most Ridiculous Seat Swap Request I’ve Received… Ever Castle crush: Strategy game

FlyerTalk members relate their seat swap request “horror stories” — and Can you actually profit by securing a desired seat and selling it to the highest bidder? Have you ever been paged in an airport lounge to work out a seat swap with a . I went to the back, got her daughter )and told. More often than not I have been asked to switch seats on my last few flights. I'm assuming that swap wasn't "fair trade" . As it turned out, it was one of the nicest flights I've ever had and I got some good pictures. And yes, I've encountered some of the most ridiculously rude.

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Car-Seat Swap Kills *INSANE* (Rules of Survival #176)

Someone sitting in my plane seat

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Can i give my first class seat to my wife

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Is it illegal to switch seats on a plane

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