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TPA / TFA Menthol Crystals How to read silver hallmarks

I have a huge problem in getting a strong/long lasting menthol I just ask as menthol crystals that are sold in aromashops - in description tell you to dissolv in oil - that . The only thing I recognize on this page is TPA which to me translates to The Perfumers Apprentice is also know as TFA flavor makers. Jual TFA Menthol Liquid 1oz / 30ml / Bahan diy liquid / Esse / TPA,The Flavour Apprentice dengan harga Rp 30 gr TFA Menthol Crystals.

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Let's Talk About: Menthol and how to use Menthol (& EM) Crystals

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Menthol Makes Magic (KlickMint) DIY with menthol crystals

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