A Martin Reboot Is on the Way, And We Cant Wait For More Sheneneh There’s sleuthing to do on pottery mark dates A 'TIN' REBOOT IS ON THE WAY, AND WE CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE The manic, ridiculously funny comedy starringtin Lawrence hasn't gotten all the. The remaining cast of the beloved '90s sitcomtin put their lunch date – further fueling the rumor that the show is coming back for a reboot.? California and got a very strong indication that a reboot is on the way. . I knowtin Reboot will be A hittyt❤ can't wait too toon in.

What happened to the cast of martin

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Carl Payne At ABFF Honors: Confirms 'Martin' Reboot Will Happen - BHL

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Martin - Reboot Or Nah?!

Tisha Campbell-Martin Talks Doing A 'Martin' Reboot!