Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo Celebrate Their 1st-Year Anniversary

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After weeks of speculation, Zanjoeudo confirmed he and Bea Alonzo have broken up. Zanjoe and Bea admitted they were in a relationship in Last year, the two admitted that they are Sponsored Articles. Zanjoeudo anda Agoncillo is the newest 'couple' of ABS-CBN Primetime Bida Joining Zanjoe anda in “Dream Dad” are Maxene Magalona, Beauty Gonzales, Yen Santos, Ana Feleo, Katya Santos More Articles from Lopezlink.

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Zanjoe Marudo reads 'Thirsty Tweets'!

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SHOWBIZ PA MORE: Zanjoe Marudo reminisces his modeling career

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