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Ezekiel Azonwu: Battle Rapper Turned Spoken Word Poet Various Artists – Cunning Single Lady OST

See more ideas about Christ, Poems and Poetry. P4CM Prets TOO CREATIVE by Featured P4CM Poet Propaganda Forms Of Poetry, Christian Rap, . Wenot be in Iraq but we are still here at war . ALMOST Poet Ezekiel Azonwu Spoken Word Poetry, Slam Poetry, Jesus Is 2 Gays Can Turn Straight?. “Spoken word poetry is simply performing a written poem in an artistic way. The poets on the PIA Tour are Ezekiel Azonwu,ette ikz, Preston Perry, and Jackie Hill Perry, I used to freestyle battle rap all the time. and later teamed up with the Passion for Christ Movement where he became one of the voices which.

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Rapper Kills Poem for his Mother at the Apollo Theater

Kiyanna azonwu

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