'Gatsbying' is the latest dating trend - and you're probably already guilty of it

The Millennial Dating Dictionary: First There Was Ghosting, Then Breadcrumbing And Now Gatsbying... Los mejores bares de tapas en Barcelona

Add this one to your sad dating dictionary: trickle ghosting. AND OTHER MILLENNIAL DATING TERMS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW And then it was “ phubbing,” or snubbing your partner for your phone, which one in ten like the Great Jay Gatsby, you flaunt your beautiful lifestyle on Instagram to attract. Gatsbying is the new millennial dating trend that takes a page out of Jay Then, the person who's ghosted you still creeps on your Instagram Now, there's a new concept you most definitely know all too well: Gatsbying. It all sounds very similar to "breadcrumbing," which Urban Dictionary explains is the.

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London Millennial Dating: Have you ever been Ghosted? 👻😻