Reality TV Doctor and His Girlfriend Arrested for Drugging and Raping Women

Bravo Reality Doctor and His Girlfriend Accused of Drugging and Sexually Assaulting 2 Women Beauty Survey Reveals Ages Men and Women Are Considered Most Attractive
California dor and his girlfriend charged with drugging, sexually assaulting women A California surgeon who appeared on a reality TV show is being charged sexually assaulting two women in , and his girlfriend is suspected of In his appearance on Bravo's now-canceled show, "Online. A California surgeon who once appeared on a Bravo reality show and his girlfriend have been charged with drugging and raping at least two women, 3 are accused of meeting women in restaurants and bars, spiking their drinks, taking them to Robicheaux's apartment, and sexually assaulting them.

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Surgeon and woman accused of drugging, raping two women

Dr. grant robicheaux

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CA Surgeon, Girlfriend Accused Of Rape, Possibly Preyed On More Than 1000 Victims - NBC Nightly News

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