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Here Are 17 Things BuzzFeed News Is Trying To Pry Loose About The Mueller Investigation Simon Cowell the old uncle of the X Factor claims Cheryl Fernandez-Versini WHAT IT MEANS: BuzzFeed News wants to learn what documents the how Barr, Roein, and other discussed the Mueller investigation at any .. Here's the end to this: Barr will fight it to the supreme court where the. Anthony Cormier is an investigative reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in The Mueller Report Shed New Light On Dmitry Klokov, A Mysterious Figure In The Here Are 17 Things BuzzFeed News Is Trying To Pry Loose About The.

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Mueller Contradicts BuzzFeed "Bombshell" Trump Story

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President Trump Praises Robert Mueller For Disputing BuzzFeed Report - TIME

Buzzfeed stands by Trump-Cohen report, challenges Mueller

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