NYPD Officer: “Shoot 50 On Site!”

Phor Gone: Is 50 Cent Blowing Nikki Nicole Of #BlackInkCHI’s Back Out? Hailee Steinfeld Height, Weight, Age, Family, Biography ,Songs

50 “Fofty” Cent & Randall Emmett's Million-Dollar Beef Comes To Phor Gone: Is 50 Cent Blowing Nikki Nicole Of #BlackInkCHI's Back Out?. As shown in the footage, the exchange almost came to blows after the rapper asks 50 this question. 50 cent was just out trying to have a date night with his rumored beau, Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Nikki Nicole when an aspiring rapper and his friend apparently . .

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Soundcloud Rapper RUNS Up On 50CENT & Nikki Black Ink He Wants SMOKE For Not Listening To His MUSIC

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50 Cent Playing Around In The Strip Club With whole Alot Of Money

50 Cent's New Champagne Is 'For Winners Only'

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